Ruta Segal 

   What is Art for Self Discovery?

The art of self discovery is a transformative, embodied process of using mindfulness practices and ways of
self-expression that reflect and honor one's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual states.

Each moment of awareness and self-expression can reveal feelings, images,  memories, sensations, thoughts and beliefs about oneself and the world, carried in the language of the mind, body and spirit.

In my practice I incorporate meditation, talking, spiritual practices, somatic awareness and creative arts therapy modalities such as art, movement, music, and writing into a holistic model for healing and transformation. Furthermore, I help my clients to integrate insights that arise in the sessions into daily practices, intentions and choices.


You can achieve a sense of wholeness and well-being on multiple levels of being - psychological, physical, spiritual, social, and environmental. 


I invite you to discover your unique gifts and potential, inner wisdom and creative intelligence of your unique self. You can reach insights that can help you feel free, balanced, clear and inspired.
Discover your self and your voice, so you can live fully, in integrity and harmony with yourself and the world around you. 

Private sessions are available for individuals, couples and groups. To make an appointment or for more information - please contact me:

I offer a sliding scale fee for 60 and 90 mins sessions:
$85 - $150 for individuals; $125 - $175 for couples; $45/ pp for groups of 4 to 6.
I currently see clients in San Francisco, Brooklyn and New York.

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